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Enjoy a great Mexican meal, complete with salsa and Margarita

We are looking for pictures of you using the Practical Plate

One thing that really helps is seeing how others have used a product. So, that’s where you come in. Would you please submit your images to us so that we can post them for others to see?

Practical Plate at a Sushi Party

Having a Party … want to save money on drinks?

Parties are a lot of fun but the abandoned drinks at the end of a night tell a story of the person and their drink being separated and an added unnecessary cost. Everyone knows someone that has asked, “Does anyone know which glass is mine?” This happens more often when people sit down their drink while they go get their food, or set it down while eating and talking with someone. When they go to grab their drink, it can be confusing as to whose is whose, and when they are not sure, the drinks get abandoned. Each person quietly goes to get another. With the Practical Plate, each person can enjoy the pleasure of keeping their drink with them all the while having the freedom to walk around and enjoy your fantastic party. It doesn’t matter if you are using Solo cups, plastic or glass cups, wine glasses, or martini glasses; the Practical Plate supports all kinds of beverage containers. Check out our idea gallery.