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didit-grp_comRefill-Singles-HiResKeep track of your pills easily by using a Didit.Take a morning medication? We suggest using Sunshine Yellow.Sunset Pink DiditsDidit Medicine ReminderThe simply and easy way to keep track of your doses.

The Didit

The Simple Medicine Reminder – Use a Didit, so you know you did!
Stick a Didit® on your prescription to keep track.
Eliminate the need for pill trays. Medication management is easy now!


SKU: Didit®-101


Offered here, 1 Didit Reminder Packaged.  Use the Link on the right to go to our dedicated website, where you can find many colors and ways to buy the Didits. We’ve received only the highest ratings on Amazon and QVC, because it works and it’s easy to use! If you are dealing with prescriptions, medications, and you would like it to be easier, try using a Didit®. We have a dedicated website with additional offers and information at . See video and  image gallery. Made in the USA for top quality. Inventor: Suzanne DuBarry