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Double-ShelfPerfect shelf for kitchen, bathroom, garage and moreInterlocking Shelf at different heightsAdjustable HeightShows Taller and Thinner ShelfShelf Lower and WiderShelf side by side at different settingsAdjust Shelf Height and WidthThe Adjustable ShelfAdjustable and stackable shelf for the kitchen, office, art room and more.Stack two shelves next to each other with different heights and widthsThe completely adjustable shelf.

Shifting Shelf

The ONLY Completely Adjustable Shelf in the World
From 6-10” tall by 12-17” wide and 10” deep
Easily adjusts to fit YOUR needs!

SKU: SS110


COMING SOON! Truly, there is nothing like this. The shelf slides apart from 12 inches to 17. As it slides apart, it has “levelers”, pieces that slide on, to maintain a perfectly level surface. The height can be adjusted from 6 3/8th to 10 3/8th . Of course, there is more! One shelf interlocks with the other. Leg height works independently for straddling uneven surfaces. The Shifting Shelf is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, changing table, game closet, linen closet, office desk or closet, and garage. See our image gallery. Soon to be Made in the USA for top quality. Inventor: Suzanne DuBarry

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